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Leading Ladies of Broadway -- a rating community
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There's a little diva in all of us! This community is a rating community where you can find out which star of a Broadway musical you most resemble. Post your pictures to be voted on!


1. You must join to post. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote on others, but you must join the community.

2. No anonymous commenting or posting.

3. Fill out the short survey -- The Audition -- provided below. This is to help us get to know you a little better. At the end of the survey, post as many pictures as you like -- at least 3, please. The audition, both survey and pictures, must be below an lj-cut.

4. In the subject line of your entry post, please put "Spotlight Seeker". This is so I know you've read the rules.

5. At no point in your application should you tell us what your favourite musical, character, or actress is. I've found this leads to biased results.

6. No excessive PhotoShopping. Removing red-eye is one thing, morphing your features entirely is quite another. Your pictures also must be large enough that we can see you, and clear enough that we know you're a person and not an enormous amoeba.

7. If you would like to dress up, you may. At least one "normal" picture would be appreciated, but you may most as many of you in pretties as you like in addition.

8. If anyone pointed you in our direction, please credit them in your entry post so that I may thank our promoters.

9. You will have three days to garner votes. After that, you will be stamped with the ladies most prevalent in the votes.

10. Have fun!

The Audition
1. Name:
2. Age (no one under 13, please):
3. Location:
4. Three positive adjectives to describe yourself:
5. Three negative adjectives to describe yourself:
6. What is the significance/meaning/derivation of your username?:
7. What is your favourite historical era, and why?
8. What historical, mythological, or legendary character do you most identify with, and why?
9. Favourite three books (exclude any based on musicals or that musicals are based on):
10. Favourite three movies (exclude any based on musicals or that musicals are based on):
11. Do you have any creative talents?:
12. Sing us a song (that isn't from a Broadway musical):
13. Anything else we should know?:
14. Please post at least three clear pictures of yourself:

House Rules
1. To vote on new applicants, pick a lady or two from the list below. Bolding your vote makes things easier on your mod. Please try to stick to the list -- if you feel someone strongly resembles a lady not listed, feel free to tell them so, but also try to vote one from the list. I'm only going to create new stamps sporadically, and it isn't really fair to the person you're voting on if you're not voting a stamp that I have.

2. If you can, please give an explanation! They don't have to be elaborate, but enough to give the person a clue.

3. Take the application into account as well as the pictures. Try to judged based both on personality and appearance.

4. No nastiness or flaming, or the wrath of the mod will come down on you. And believe me, I can be a lot meaner than you can when so provoked, so don't test me.

5. At the moment, this community is ladies-only, as I feel its appeal is generally directed to them. Should, however, a gentleman show interest in being stamped, I would be more than happy to produce a list of leading men to choose from and create stamps for.

6. Please put the word "stamped" somewhere in the title line of all your entries following your introductory post. This helps keep me organised.

7. If you're responding to a theme, please put "theme" somewhere in the title line, for the same reason.

8. Promotions -- Now, as an avid promoter myself, I have no problem with you promoting your own communities here. I would like to ask that they be kept "on topic" -- either other rating communities or other communities dealing with Broadway. I will only speak to you about how often you're promoting if it becomes a problem; use good sense. And, if you promote a community here, I would like to ask also that you promote this one in return. You must be stamped to promote another community here.

I, the mod, promise to be as helpful and responsive as is possible. I will do my absolute best to get you stamped in an expedient manner. I will do everything in my power to make sure that trolls and flamers stay out of the community, so that it is a pleasant place of exchange.

In return, you, the members, will follow the rules, play nicely, and not whinge if I'm a tad behind in posts or stamps.

Casting Call

Aida (Aida)
Aldonza (Man of La Mancha)
Amneris (Aida)
Anna Leonowens (The King and I)
Baker's Wife (Into the Woods)
Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Christine Daaé (The Phantom of the Opera)
Cinderella (Into the Woods)
Cosette (Les Miserables)
Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia!)
Elphaba (Wicked)
Emma Carew (Jekyll and Hyde)
Eponine (Les Miserables)
Evita Peron (Evita)
Fantine (Les Miserables)
Glinda (Wicked)
Jo March (Little Women)
Kate Monster (Avenue Q)
Kim (Miss Saigon)
Laurey (Oklahoma!)
Lilli Vanessi (Kiss Me, Kate!)
Lily Craven (The Secret Garden)
Lucy Harris (Jekyll and Hyde)
Marguerite Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
Maria (The Sound of Music)
Martha (The Secret Garden)
Mary Lennox (The Secret Garden)
Mary Magdalene (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Meg Giry (The Phantom of the Opera)
Millie Dillmount (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Mimi Marquez (RENT)
Miss Dorothy (Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Maureen Johnson (RENT)
Nancy (Oliver!)
Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
Sophie Sheridan (Mamma Mia!)
The Witch (Into the Woods)

The stamps can be viewed here.
If you aren't familiar with some of these ladies, you can educate yourself.

The Cast

_____electro starring as: Sally Bowles
___novemberheat starring as: the Witch
kamelot_amhran starring as: Jo March
_bellisima starring as: Marguerite Blakeney
_broken_sky_ starring as: Cosette, Lucy Harris
_dothefandango starring as: Donna Sheridan
_jadedmemory starring as: the Baker's Wife
_pennyfeather starring as: Cosette
_quintessence starring as: Elphaba
unicornonthecob starring as: Aldonza, Cinderella
_simplywicked starring as: Maureen Johnson
wafflesandsyrupstarring as: Belle
1weirdsister starring as: Lilli Vanessi
2morrowwillcome starring as: Millie Dillmount

a_cruel_beauty starring as: Amneris
a_leprechaun starring as: Millie Dillmount
accio_cowbell starring as: Glinda, Laurey
aesha starring as: Mary Magdalene, Aldonza, Aida
aiobhan starring as: Maureen Johnson, Nancy
sparklingsoull starring as: Martha, Maureen Johnson
alison24601 starring as: Mary Lennox, Marguerite Blakeney
allabouteve75 starring as: Millie Dillmount
altogeek starring as: Amneris
stayinmylife starring as: Emma Carew
thejobsagame starring as: Amneris, Mary Lennox
amethyst_fluff starring as: Belle
anaria_knight starring as: Cosette, Christine Daaé
nae_trews starring as: Jo March, Baker's Wife
anghockey starring as: Lilli Vanessi, Eponine
another_myself starring as: Miss Dorothy
artistichate starring as: Lucy Harris, Millie Dillmount
ashy_88 starring as: Cinderella, Glinda
asrai_memory starring as: Lily Craven
axelia starring as: Elphaba

bananafairy59 starring as: Maureen Johnson, Elphaba
batkisses starring as: Marguerite Blakeney, Baker's Wife
beautifuldorian starring as: Belle
boogajwooga starring as: Mimi Marquez
bowiebabe21 starring as: Millie Dillmount, Maria
britishness starring as: Lily Craven, Laurey
broadwaybaby89 starring as: Glinda, Eponine
broadwayed starring as: Baker's Wife, Belle
broadwayjamie starring as: Belle, Cinderella
onsunset starring as: Millie Dillmount, Sophie Sheridan
buffette starring as: Glinda, Sophie Sheridan
bug_says_meep starring as: Maureen Johnson, Kate Monster

candy_roselyn starring as: Kate Monster, Belle
chale starring as: Aldonza
chandifaye starring as: Christine Daaé, Belle
charlotestarlet starring as: Belle, Glinda
chibi_hidaka starring as: Sally Bowles, Emma Carew, Anna Leonowens
charmedxchic starring as: Cosette
angerfish starring as: Amneris
christinedaae starring as: Lily Craven, Belle, Emma Carew
circlifly starring as: Aldonza
classygirl2007 starring as: Glinda
cleosays_hi starring as: Maureen Johnson, Amneris
sweetthumbelina starring as: Christine Daaé
faire_damsel starring as: Lucy Harris
dreamoftheday starring as: Eponine
countess_night starring as: Eponine, Cinderella
cutegal4eva123 starring as: Meg Giry, Cosette
0nlymemories starring as: Emma Carew, Sally Bowles
cyniadexsmiles starring as: Mimi Marquez, Aldonza
cyshobbitlass starring as: Aida

danilea starring as: Cinderella, Amneris
darla__lee starring as: Sophie Sheridan
italyatmidnight starring as: Kate Monster, Cosette
deadache139 starring as: Maria, Anna Leonowens
tessietura starring as: Fantine, the Witch
delphiandreams starring as: Donna Sheridan
diceless starring as: Jo March
dramaqueen_erin starring as: Eva Peron, Laurey
lizabeth starring as: Meg Giry, Millie Dillmount
dreamabstract starring as: Mimi Marquez, Meg Giry, Sally Bowles
dry_your_eyes91 starring as: Aldonza

femaelstrom27 starring as: Maureen Johnson, Elphaba
elphabactress starring as: Millie Dillmount
eponine04 starring as: Maureen Johnson, Sally Bowles
ever_after_xo starring as: Mary Lennox, Maureen Johnson
eviltoothfairy0 starring as: Maureen Johnson, Millie Dillmount

queen_mab starring as: Donna Sheridan, Belle
fallensnowdrop starring as: Kim, Cinderella
honest_illusion starring as: Aida
filmmaker_erin starring as: Eva Peron
flyingjesus2007 starring as: Laurey
flyingpenguin33 starring as: Millie Dillmount, Lilli Vanessi
fo_sheezey starring as: Elphaba, Lilli Vanessi
forevaeva23 starring as: Cinderella, Cosette
deeplyunhip starring as: Maria, Eponine
futrbwaystar starring as: Glinda

galindablondie starring as: Lilli Vanessi, Maureen Johnson
genuineloser02 starring as: Fantine
greenwith_glory starring as: the Baker's Wife
gryffindorgirl7 starring as: Belle, Elphaba
gwenxsmurfette starring as: Martha, Maria

h34th3rvi01in starring as: Christine Daaé, Elphaba
heathychan starring as: Megy Giry, Fantine, Lily Craven
hellbelle starring as: Maureen Johnson, Evita Peron
hlmncc05 starring as: Maria

icansavemyself starring as: Eponine
icklekins starring as: Elphaba
miss_pipperidge starring as: Cinderella
imightbite starring as: Sally Bowles
fuyuyouji starring as: Cinderella
irisconlon starring as: Lilli Vanessi
ispeaknerd starring as: the Witch
itsaboutfaith starring as: Glinda

socialdragnfly starring as: Emma Carew
jeska142 starring as: Maureen Johnson
jessycat_techie starring as: Aida
joy2theworld88 starring as: Baker's Wife
jubei_bishoujo starring as: Glinda
juli13 starring as: Aida, Baker's Wife
julziscool_z starring as: Amneris
junegirl11 starring as: Donna Sheridan, Fantine
juvenilewreck starring as: Maureen Johnson, Maria

kakyuu_kou starring as: Fantine
karli4eva221 starring as: Glinda, Maria
kathyselden starring as: Millie Dillmount
kikithepirate starring as: the Baker's Wife

lacrimaluna starring as: Belle, Sophie Sheridan
smugglers_prize starring as: Belle
ladylight518 starring as: Jo March, Nancy
lamentingjem starring as: Jo March
lauracore starring as: Sally Bowles, Glinda, Maureen Johnson, Lucy Harris
eleganceofmind starring as: Christine Daaé, Cinderella
leighaden starring as: Elphaba, Maureen Johnson
lenin2 starring as: Cinderella
likeaprayer3 starring as: Maureen Johnson
littlelotty starring as: Marguerite Blakeney, Amneris
lizzellwild starring as: Maria
lolitabanana starring as: Mary Lennox
lolitaxdoll starring as: Mary Magdalene
lookalike18 starring as: Millie Dillmount, Miss Dorothy, Belle
lovely_to_me starring as: Millie Dillmount, Belle
lranuh starring as: Eponine
lumoslight starring as: Jo March

madamevoilanska starring as: Christine Daaé, Miss Dorothy, Fantine, Belle
maikujaku starring as: Donna Sheridan
meaghan1345 starring as: Lilli Vanessi
miribea26 starring as: Aida
miss_vintage_ starring as: Laurey, Millie Dillmount
cibeles starring as: Eponine, Sally Bowles
monkeycandy starring as: Laurey
moonliz starring as: Maria, Lucy Harris, Laurey
moonriverxx starring as: Millie, Evita Peron
mosephy starring as: the Baker's Wife, Maureen Johnson
mrscellophane06 starring as: Mary Magdalene, Eponine Thenardier
murrs starring as: Lilli Vanessi
my_only_right starring as: Meg Giry, Fantine

nicknames4david starring as: Sophie Sheridan
nightgoddess56 starring as: Aida, Donna Sheridan, Evita Peron
[Bad username: nuri_no_hohoenei] starring as: Baker's Wife, Millie Dillmount
nyctheater_chik starring as: Belle
nympha_tonks starring as: Kate Monster

obsetress starring as: Marguerite Blakeney, Eva Peron
occdpenguinsbff starring as: Millie Dillmount
okapiangel starring as: Meg Giry, Donna Sheridan
oopinkbublzoo starring as: Glinda, Emma Carew
overthereignbow starring as: Belle, Sally Bowles, Evita Peron; Glinda
oxcourtlinaxo starring as: Belle

p0wd3r5n0w starring as: Belle, Elphaba, Aida
paperflowers279 starring as: Maureen Johnson
parisienneperdu starring as: Amneris, Christine Daaé
pedestrian42 starring as: Glinda, Marguerite Blakeney
perfectlywindy starring as: Christine Daaé, Cosette, the Baker's Wife
pillow_pig starring as: Mary Lennox
priceless866 starring as: Elphaba, Eponine
pinkrosepetalz starring as: Mary Lennox, Eponine
pipermae starring as: Emma Carew
pretendimflying starring as: Belle
princessjolina starring as: Eponine, Elphaba, Mimi Marquez
princesspolaris starring as: Meg Giry
purplesquirrels starring as: Meg Giry

queen_aleta starring as: the Witch, Sally Bowles, Lucy Harris
quitequite starring as: Jo March

rawr_its_jenn starring as: Kate Monster
redfedora starring as: Glinda
regencygirl starring as: Aldonza
ricashaye starring as: Cinderella, Belle
rockinmysocks starring as: the Baker's Wife
roguebelle starring as: Elphaba, Maureen Johnson
ronaldd starring as: the Baker's Wife, Belle
roseandmask starring as: Meg Giry
occultebelta starring as: Anna Leonowens
rosewing starring as: Belle, Christine Daaé

saria starring as: Maureen Johnson, Lucy Harris
schizophrenic0 starring as: Belle
scytheandroses starring as: the Witch
semiheroine starring as: Jo March
senescent_soul starring as: Aida
aerisu starring as: Cosette, Christine Daaé
sevenblades starring as: Glinda, Elphaba
sexydrummajor starring as: Sophie Sheridan
silverdust_wolf starring as: Fantine, Amneris
sing_for_me57 starring as: the Witch, Lilli Vanessi
ska_friend starring as: Sophie Sheridan, Millie Dillmount
skypixy starring as: Lilli Vanessi, Lucy Harris
smelly_jelly starring as: Lucy Harris, Mimi Marquez
soh_mee starring as: Meg Giry
girlwitha_pearl starring as: Belle, Jo March
spiffydream starring as: Eponine, Belle
squippo starring as: Fantine, Emma Carew
stargazer784 starring as: Martha, Millie Dillmount
stuckincowtown starring as: Elphaba, Maureen Johnson, Marguerite Blakeney, Millie Dillmount
sugahcookie01 starring as: Martha
starrcandi starring as: Martha, Millile Dillmount

tainted_luv19 starring as: Miss Dorothy, Glinda
themurcurytree starring as: Aldonza, Donna Sheridan
thereflections starring as: Kate Monster
theresita starring as: Sally Bowles, Maureen Johnson
ticklemepink333 starring as: Glinda
tomrwsantherday starring as: Eva Peron, Amneris
tourmaline142 starring as: Mary Lennox
tragoedia starring as: Aldonza

uniquelypink14 starring as: Glinda, Cosette
unscramble starring as: Evita, Glinda
usagi186 starring as: Marguerite Blakeney, Mimi Marquez
uselessxwonder starring as: Nancy

videl_bishoujo starring as: Belle, Millie Dillmount

yourlivewire starring as: Belle, Anna Leonowens
wendydarling88 starring as: Sophie Sheridan
wenhamified starring as: Christine Daaé
whatsyourpointe starring as: Aldonza, Meg Giry
white_siren starring as: Millie Dillmount, Belle
wicked_roses starring as: Donna Sheridan
wickedwitchbaby starring as: Maureen Johnson
willowforlife starring as: the Witch, Lucy Harris
windcriesamy starring as: Meg Giry, Maria

xbroadwaydivax starring as: Maureen Johnson, Baker's Wife
xdark_nightmare starring as: Kate Monster, Sally Bowles
xdreamsofdramax starring as: Aldonza, Belle
xocherrypieox81 starring as: Glinda, Miss Dorothy, Mary Lennox
xthebandgeekx starring as: Elphaba, Jo March
xxjellyfishxx starring as: Maureen Johnson, Amneris

takemebaby_xo starring as: Elphaba
yourxmuse starring as: Aldonza, Glinda


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